Combi E-Thruster electric outboard engines are characterized by their robustness, sleek design and reliability. Our motors have been developed for long-term use and have a high efficiency. The Combi E-Thruster line uses Asynchronous AC motors and synchronous Brushless PM motors, making them very user-friendly and continuously variable. The fact that they are brushless also makes them low-maintenance.

The Combi E-Thruster is a silent motor for optimal sailing pleasure, available as standard outboard model and tiller steered in both short and long-shaft configurations.

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Why the Combi E-Thruster

If you are looking for an outboard model, the Combi E-Thruster offers the ideal solution. The engine comes supplied as standard with twist-grip tiller (manual) but can also be supplied as for remote control. (cable steering) that comes with a joystick.

  • Extremely quiet

    You have quiet electric motors and near silent electric motors. With a Combi electric motor you can enjoy the sounds on the water that you would otherwise not hear while motoring.

  • Environmentally friendly

    Electric motoring is sailing without emitting harmful CO² gases, such as combustion engines.

  • High efficiency

    By using the latest technologies and optimized design, our engines offer high efficiency at low power.

  • Maintenance

    We use brushless motors, which reduces maintenance to a minimum.

Unique features

Simple to use and robust

At Combi we develop all our engines under our own management. This allows us to maintain good control over the quality and durability of our engines. The engines are robustly built and shaped and can withstand a collision and rough use – both vital for commercial or rental operations.

Simple to use and robust - Unique features - Combi Outboards

Standard or Tiller version

The E-Thruster is available in 2 models, the standard model has all the components integrated into the outboard. The tiller comes with an external control box . It can be operated manually or connected to a steering system. Would you rather not see an outboard behind your boat, or would you like to place a motor in a enginewell but there is little room. Then this is the solution for you.

Standard or Tiller version - Unique features - Combi Outboards


Because of our long experience, we know what is important to you. For example, we have designed,a mechanical throttle with electronic potentiometer which cannot be rotated out of position or wear out with heavy use.

Innovative - Unique features - Combi Outboards

Over 40 years of rubust and reliable

This Combi 500S is one of our first Combi electric motors from 1981 and is still in service today. Over the past 35 years, it has sailed around 900 hours every season; a total of 31,500 hours. That amounts to 4,900 hours more than a typical commercial pilot can fly during their entire career.

Over 40 years of rubust and reliable - Unique features - Combi Outboards

Remote control and remote steering

Do you have a steering console and you want an electric outboard? No problem, our motors are prepared for remote control and remote control. We have a special kit in which you can easily adjust the engine.

Remote control and remote steering - Unique features - Combi Outboards


The Combi E-Thruster has a robust design and is built for heavy duty and long-term use. The E- thruster line consists of different capacities ranging from 1000 watts to 3.5 kW and are available as an outboard or tiller model both in short and long-tail version. The electric motors use a battery voltage of 24 to 48 Volt DC depending on the capacity of the motor. There is also the possibility to tilt the motors.

General specifications

1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500
Comparable OBM (thrust) 4 Hp 5 Hp 6 Hp 7 Hp 8 Hp 9 Hp
Dimensions Download Download Download Download Download Download
Shaftlength (Short/Long/XL) 405 / 525 /565 mm 406 / 525 /565 mm 407 / 525 /565 mm 408 / 525 /565 mm 409 / 525 /565 mm 410 / 525 /565 mm
Tilt Manual Manual Manual Manual Manual Manual
Trim N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Control Variable Variable Variable Variable Variable Variable
Remote control Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Monitoring (BDI) Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Eco mode (2 positions) Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional

Technical specifications

1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500
Voltage (Vdc) 24 24 48 48 48 48
Power (W) 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500
Round per Minute (RPM) 1050 1350 1150 1500 1050 1310
Nom. Current (A) 42 63 42 52 63 73
Current at Cruising speed (A) 30 40 30 35 40 50
Propeller diameter (mm) 210 220 220 240 240 240
Powercable (mm2) 25 25 35 35 50 50

Battery capacity C20 (Deep Cycle/AGM/GEL/(Semi)Traktie)

De battery capacity is calculated on the nominal use of the motor (sailing on cruising speed) with a 20 hours discharge (C20)

1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500
4 hours boating 120 160 120 140 160 200
6 hours boating 180 240 180 210 240 300
8 hours boating 240 320 240 280 320 400
10 hours boating 300 400 300 350 400 500
12 hours boating 360 480 360 420 480 600

Charger capacity (High Frequent charger)

The chargecapacity has a minimum of 10% of the total battery capacity (C20). Note: Ideally it will have 15% chargecapacity based on the total battery capacity.

1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500
4 hours boating 12 16 12 14 16 20
6 hours boating 18 24 18 21 24 30
8 hours boating 24 32 24 28 32 40
10 hours boating 30 40 30 35 40 50
12 hours boating 36 48 36 42 48 60

Assemble your own electric propulsion system

With our configurator you can easily check what propulsion suits you best for your boat.

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Projects and our clients from various industries. Look at our applications to search for a solution that is similar to your application.

Outboard Electric E-Thruster for rental purposes

Electric E-Thruster for rental purposes

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