The pioneer of Amsterdam in electric renting

Canal Motorboats is Amsterdam's oldest boat rental company. They were the first to rent electric boats with a Combi E-Thruster.


Discover Amsterdam's historic city center with Canal Motorboats, one of the city's oldest boat rental companies. Our family business is located within walking distance of the Central Station. From there, it's a few minutes by boat to the beautiful canals. Renting a boat and going to the canal with family and friends is an experience you will never forget.

Canal motorboats sails with aluminium punters to the authentic Giethoorn punter.

These punters are equipped with a Combi E-thruster 1kW. The latest boats of Canal Motorboats are equipped with a steerable POD engine, because they are equipped with a steering console.

Canal Motorboats is still one of the few rental companies where the customer is sitting at the helm and therefore experiences sailing in a very Dutch way.

The silent power behind electrical boating