Marine Tracking

With the Marine Tracking tool it is easy to view your vessel from a distance and what the state of your system is. You always have insight into which routes there are hazards and you can view the data in real time. When something unexpected happens you can get a warning by text message or email and see the warning on the platform.


  • Location
  • View routes
  • Motor data
  • View motor status
  • View battery status
  • Remote control
  • Notifications / Warnings
  • Easy dashboard
  • Maintenance history
  • Administrative overviews
Marine Tracking - Software Applications - Services - Combi

Clear and Easy

Dashboard for an easy and quick overview. In a glance you can see the location on the map and the whether the battery is charged, what the battery status is and whether the motor is switched on.

Clear and Easy - Software Applications - Services - Combi

No unexpected surprises

By understanding the battery and engine status you can prevent many problems. When you select your vessel , you can see detailed information about the vessel and the battery.

No unexpected surprises - Software Applications - Services - Combi

Rental module

  • Knowing the location of your boat
  • Check the status of your boat on your pc or phone
  • Tracking the routes
  • Statistics on how many hours the boat is rented
  • Fleet management

The rental module has been developed for rental companies who want a better insight and want to be able to see how often the boat is rented.

Rental module - Software Applications - Services - Combi

Remote Control

We have developed a tool with which it is possible to switch your motor on or off remotely. This can be used by (among other things) unmanned rental locations or in case of theft the vessel is turned off. If you already have your own booking software, you can also use it to connect to our platform. In this way you can provide full automation.

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Digital Key

I-button which is designed for a diversity of applications in every sector. Due to the many options, this electronic switch is suitable for almost any application, and can be connected to other components. The smart mini-computer contains multiple programs so that the I-button can be used for applications such as:

  • Ignition switch for your Combi motor
  • Electronic Access Control
  • Start protection
  • Alarm systems
Digital Key - Software Applications - Services - Combi
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