Combi H-Thruster in sloops Green Joy

Combi H-Thruster used in sloops.

The Combi H-Thruster is a modified version of the E-Thruster. This variant is extremely suitable for compact spaces or for placement in a bunker. The steering is placed separately from the engine and this engine is directly connected to the steering system of the sloop. The operation of the engine is done from the steering console by means of a joystick.

The electric drive of the H-Thruster combined with a traction battery pack is the ideal combination for a rental boat. The low maintenance reliable motors work perfectly for a rental company like Green Joy. The reliability maximizes the rental time.

This customer also uses our track & trace system in combination with a remote start/stop system. This allows the fleet to be rented out unmanned where the customer can turn the boat on and off through an app.

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