Electric boating in Friesland at Happy Whale

Happy Whale's Rental Sloops are equipped with a 3.5kW Combi Nautic steerable POD on 48Vdc.

The Pura Vida sloops from Hoora Watersport are equipped with a Combi 3.5kW POD engine. That is a lot of power for this boat. For rental purposes they are therefore limited, but for the private user this is an ideal sloop with a decent speed and still very economical at cruising for a long range. The batteries are in the keel section, so the center of gravity is nice and low and that results in a very stable boat. As you can steer directly with the engine, the maneuverability of the sloop is also very high and it is possible to turn the whole thing around the axis of the boat. You can rent these sloops throughout Friesland via the Happy Whale website. Would you like more information about this project? Mail to sales@combi-outboards.com

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