Eco Boats boatrental in Amsterdam sails Electric

Eco Boats is een Amsterdams botenverhuurbedrijf. Ze hebben een vloot van 10 elektrische sloepen die door de Amsterdamse grachten varen. Ze zijn uitgerust met een 1.5 kW Combi Nautic Steerable POD motor

Eco Boats is a young company located in the center of Amsterdam. They get a lot of foreign tourists who want to explore the city from the canals. Ecoboats was therefore looking for a quiet and durable engine which can easily run for a whole day. The sloops of Eco boats are equipped with a 400A Traction set in combination with a silent 1.5kW AC motor. With this combination we can reach over 11 km p/h, but the boats are set to the maximum speed. Ecoboats can easily rent out 10 hours a day.

Customer feedback:

With Combi we made a good choice and we can rent out our boats all day without having to recharge them in between. The reason we decided to go with built-in POD motors is to prevent them from being stolen.

Eco Boats has been sailing with our motors since 2017, so their motors have been running for a while.

The silent power behind electrical boating