Boat Rental business with 15 boats in Amsterdam - Boaty

​Boaty Rent a Boat is an Amsterdam based boat rental company. Their rental fleet consists of 15 electric boats.

Both locals and vistors of Amsterdam rent these boats to enjoy the beautiful canals. Ever since they started their business in 2008, Boaty has been a satisfied and loyal user of our POD engines.

According to Roos de Klein, operation manager of Boaty, their initial choice was based on reliability, expected life span and handling: "In our orientation process we tested quite a few engines. Soon we found out that we really needed a professional solution. Our boats go out a lot and at peak times we make very long days. So we don't want to spend a lot of time on repairs and manintenance. And for us it's important that the handling is easy, even for people without boating experience."
What can we learn from Boaty's experience over the last decade? Roos de Klein: "If you run a rental business, make sure you go for 'foolproof' equipment. The initial investment may be a little higher, but it definitely pays off in the long run. And I would recommend to buy all components with the same supplier. They will take care of the right configuration, install everything and give you an overall warranty".
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MotorCombi Nautic Saildrive 1000
5,00 Meter
1,85 Meter
Gewicht525 Kg
Number of passengers6 Persons
BatteryLead Acid Deep Cycle
Range8 Hours
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